Let’s organise a workshop! I love working with people and introducing the cycle work that I’m so passionate about. My workshops can be tailored depending on the requirements of your group – from 1 hour to 4, presentation, discussion or workshop style. Let’s chat about what you’d like to get from the session. I am enormously flexible with how I run things.

Workshops for women/menstruators typically start with a presentation of the energy dynamics of the cycle and the four phases of the cycle. We have question and answer sessions, an optional guided meditation with discussion, and an exercise for people to pin-point their next steps to live in more harmony with their menstrual cycle…. who knows, maybe even identify possible life/lifestyle changes! Fully potent and fascinating if you have never worked with the cycle before. I finish by passing round cloth pads and cups; eco-alternatives to disposables I became so passionate about when I volunteered at EcoFemme.

The Menstrual Cycle for couples
I will bring with me an abundance of ideas to deepen the knowledge of a partner who doesn’t menstruate. This will help them witness the physical and emotional monthly changes with a new understanding and acceptance. My ultimate goal is to empower couples by sharing a new perspective of this monthly process, so that both partners can provide the other with support and care for more peaceful and unified times together. For closer families and positive social change!

Workshops for men/non-menstruators are about explaining how the cycle works conceptually, giving people who don’t menstruate a deeper understanding of the menstrual cycle process. There will be a question and answer session/discussion, the ultimate aim of which will be to strengthen people’s relationships with each other in the spirit of understanding. For more click here

Preparing for the workshop
I would heartily recommend downloading your free copy of the Cycle Awareness Wheel and trying to ‘chart’ about 3 full cycles to give you something to work with. Then, when we meet, you will have a sound understanding of your own cycle. Don’t worry if you haven’t done anything like this before, a while back I wrote the article “Why track your menstrual cycle” which gives instructions (when, what and how!) and describes the benefits of raising awareness of the patterns of your inner cycle.

Your own insight and personal experience is invaluable, and these charts will help you record the information.

P1240765Menstrual Cycle Awareness = a balanced approach to living.

A new language
After you have been part of a workshop circle you will have a new ‘language’ to talk about menstrual cycles, and a framework with which to reference the point of your present embodied experience. This language is not actually new, but in many cases it has been buried by the attitudes of the society we live in.

Many people feel that they already had this knowledge all along somewhere deep inside, and that this workshop was a catalyst for change for a more fulfilling way of living. Many also start to see their monthly cycle as a friend, faithfully carrying them through the fertile phase of their lives.

P1240941“Observe, accept, discern and change…”

In summary, my feelings are that we’re not taught how our cycle works, I mean really works. Yes the biology bit is taught to us at school, or maybe by our parents, but as for the emotional side of the cycle? Menstrual Cycle Awareness? Embracing the whole of the self no matter whether we are on a ‘so-called high point’ or a ‘so-called low point’?!! It’s NOT. But we can change that together, one cycle at a time.

Lastly f you have been to one of my workshops and you would like to share something about it then it would be great to hear from you! To leave a testimonial click here

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