I am working towards my dream that everybody have access to this highly valuable ‘menstrual cycle awareness’ information, but without the price tag, so I am keeping the costs of my workshops down to a bare minimum. I am funding all of this myself from the money I earn at my regular job, and hope to be able to continue this way.

This is why I am asking for donations to help me continue offering my work for minimal prices or for free, either at home in North Wales or while travelling to the next town or country.

By donating you will be helping to cover the costs of travelling to, and running workshops so that more and more women and men can participate. So whether large or small, all of them are thankfully appreciated, please click here.


How you can make the Magical Menstrual Tour shine…

If you are hoping to be a participant at one of the workshops there are many different ways that you could help me on my way…my vision is to run the whole thing on voluntary donations (from the plane ticket to a roof over my head, a bite to eat, travel money to get me from one place to the next).

If you have a spare bedroom and fancy hosting me during the workshop time that would be amazing! I can even help with the cooking, and can make some lovely vegan food (check out our healthy food blog the beach house kitchen)! Or if admin’s your thing you could help by doing some little bits like photocopying work-sheets for your workshop…

You choose how and if you can help. Whether it be financial or energetic exchange I am grateful for it all and the magical mystery tour couldn’t work without you. I have an abundance of energy for this project and I am so excited to see what happens!

To keep things nice and easy there is a donation form on Woman’s Wheel, please click here


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