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Hello I’m Jane!

I’m a Menstrual cycle awareness workshop facilitator from the UK and founder of Woman’s Wheel…. and I’m going on the road on the first ever Magical Menstrual Tour!

I’m a menstrual activist – In other words, I speak enthusiastically and openly about menstruation in attempt to make it less ‘taboo’ and ultimately something that is understood and valued.

How I do this is by running menstrual cycle awareness workshops with people who have been floored by menstrual pain, suffered from wild and untamed premenstrual emotions, or who just feel totally disconnected from themselves during different parts of their cycle. And I cheerily spread the word about menstrual magic to every man who innocently asks me that all too familiar question ‘What do you do for a job?’…

I am also an eco-activist, campaigning to promote some of the bright and beautiful alternatives to disposable plastic sanitary pads and tampons. It is my greatest dream that people all around the world have access to good quality non-polluting healthy menstrual products, and understand the implication of harmful chemicals and non bio-degradable materials on their own bodies and on the Earth.


How did I get into all this?
My interest in all things menstruation slowly grew through a combination of coming off the contraceptive pill (experiencing a ‘normal’ cycle for the first time in 15 years), and experiencing mind-blowing menstrual pain with intense pre-menstrual symptoms…. Surely life around menstruation wasn’t meant to be so difficult?!

Unfortunately for me I didn’t know menstrual cycle awareness work existed until I was 33, so I didn’t think there was anything positive I could do apart from try to keep off the chemical painkillers and clutch a hot water bottle to my stomach each month. You can imagine my amazement when a series of coincidences led me to my teacher Alexandra Pope!

In 2012 I went on to complete Alexandra’s epic Women’s Quest Apprenticeship Training course, birthed from her 30 years of experience in the field, and from that point onward I unashamedly started grabbing every bit of literature I could find on menstruation! I searched online for inspirational organizations and like minded people, of which there are MANY(!) all the while receiving revelation after revelation from within my own body.


Discovering Menstrual Cycle Awareness has felt like a true ‘coming home’ for me and has changed my life in radical ways. I am now clear about what I want. It has given me strength to follow my dreams of working with the menstrual cycle ~ hardly what most people would call a ‘career’ job! 🙂

I am now here to guide others through the same process of ongoing self-observation, learning, discerning, self-acceptance and change. So dear ones lets unite! Share this knowledge with your friends, let’s get talking about menstruation and make a change!

Other things about me:
Eco Femme Ambassador spreading the word on environmentally friendly sanitary protection.
Alexandra Pope Apprentice in ‘the way of the menstrual cycle’ and Red School Menstruality Course Mentor
Red Tent Gwynedd founder (for hints and tips about how to start your red tent click here)
Miranda Gray qualified Moon Mother for womb blessings and womb healings.
Founder of Woman’s Wheel and  the moon and the womb (my blog about femininity).

I’m also one half of our delicious vegan cookery blog the beach house kitchen eating happy healthy food with my ‘vegan cook and author wonder-man’ Lee.

Contact me at womanswheel@gmail.com or by clicking here

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