chapter 12 – the bay area with kyle, kimberley and helynna


Back in Frisco Bay!! This is the hardest day of my life to try to capture because it was such a full day with rich conversation and wonder-people…here goes…

I arrived in San Frisco with Donna Wolper and managed to get the train to Berkeley and Kyle, who’s mum’s place I would be staying for the night. It was the day before my birthday, I met so many people all in one go (Kyle’s mum nan and family, some family friends, and wonderful menstrual activists) then flew out of town early the next morning to Portland!! It was a whirlwind in San Francisco…

Hanging out with Kyle and her mum for the brief time we got was wonderful, it was like coming home! By the way Kyle is a wonderful fellow EcoFemme ambassador who I had met in Boston and who I was lucky enough to be meeting up with again, albeit briefly in Berkeley.

Kyle’s family home is like a casa in the Mediterranean… none of the rooms are square but kind of octagonal; the whole thing is traditional Hispanic architecture and I loved it there..! I could have spent many happy hours chilling out with the family sitting under the shade of the tree in the courtyard, drinking vino blanco with the lovely folk that they are…


It was also a gorgeous sunny day with no fog whatsoever so we got an awesome sky, a warm day, and Kyle and I were very much looking forward to meeting Kimberley from Natural Flow, Helynna from the Red Web Foundation and anyone else from the Bay area who responded to the menstrual call to arms!!

We met at Cafe Leila; a beeeeauuuutiful little place with an outside garden and fab coffee. There was sun sun sun which Kyle and I soaked up all day while chatting. Helynna came bearing treasures; a cool zine, some red web foundation red ribbons, and pens which she gave to Kyle and I. I got so excited at the Red Web pen I almost couldn’t contain myself (those who know me understand my enthusiasm for stationary)!!

We had a BALL chatting excitedly about all the work we are currently engaging in, and as ever when a group of menstrual activists get together things get interesting…!


The Red Web Foundation is a vitally important organisation ‘dedicated to supporting and promoting a positive and healthy view of the menstrual cycle, while honoring the diversity of individual and cultural views and practices around menstruation.’

The Red Web website is a go-to resource of information about, and supporting of local and worldwide Red Tent, menstrual activism, alternative eco-menstrual products, authors of books around menstruation…. and as if that weren’t enough The Red Web Foundation is serving as a network to support people in their lives with all issues around menstruation. To Join them and become a member click here

What I loved about our time together was in sharing ideas on how to take the Red Web foundation further; indeed how to support each other in our various work. We are spread far and wide geographically and sometimes it’s easy to forget that we are there for each other, or get so busy doing our thing we forget to connect with like minded people.

I must introduce Kimberley, from Natural Flow who instigated this wonderful conversation about how we can all support each other better. Such a genuine bright lively smiley person and literally EVERYONE I had met throughout the USA plus Kathy and Jessamijn from EcoFemme were recommending we connect. Meeting her was like being reunited with an old friend! I was so happy that she and all the women found time and opportunity to come and hang out in Cafe Leila…

One of the things Kimberley is super-excited about is her new project of counselling menstruators to be in tune with their bodies better, broadening our knowledge on cycle/body awareness strategies, tracking our cycles and learning to understand what the body is trying to tell us, how to implement new changes into our lives, and creating and explore our life’s vision!

And the great news is Kimberley is offering a complimentary Discovery Session to menstruators right now! If you want to explore your relationship with your body and how to implement that in your life with Kimberley, click here. Don’t hesitate!


We also met Emerald from Eosoma who has developed a new eco-friendly conception prevention method, and who came straight from her workshop to meet with us. Her passion for her subject was quite amazing and I wish her much luck!

Afterwards, Kyle and I were pretty exhausted with all the excitement, and met with her family for a Mexican meal – the Corona never tasted sweeter on the eve of a beautiful Californian Summer’s day! Salud!

IMG_1554Hot Tamales!


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