following my dreams… to the USA!


The Magical Menstrual Tour (M.M.T) is heading out to the USA in just a couple of months!

The M.M.T is a menstrual cycle awareness workshop tour; with eco-activism demonstrations. It’s an opportunity for me to share what I have discovered about the menstrual cycle.

Take a look at this short video where I explain what motivates me to travel half way round the world to talk about menstrual cycle awareness / eco-activism… yay!

I’m a menstrual activist, graduate of Alexandra Pope’s, an EcoFemme ambassador (for more about me and these incredible organisations click here). I’m also an experienced backpacker with faith and trust that this experience is going to be very special!


“To throw on my backpack… be like a menstrual pilgrim on the road!
Hang out with menstrual activists, wise women, ‘red tent’ groups, ‘moon mothers’, and visit their Red Tents/Groups.
Deliver my menstrual cycle awareness workshop, give my eco-activism presentation in exchange for voluntary donations (a roof over my head, a bite to eat, travel money to get me from one place to the next) so that everyone can come and listen without financial pressure.
Trust that it can work, meet happy sunny open welcoming women all over the world…. and make it a pilgrimage of sharing and giving!”

TOUR DATES – I’m over the moon to announce my dates as follows:

First leg: N.Y.C-Chicago 21st April-14th May

Second Leg: LA-Seattle Dates to be confirmed 


If you run a red tent or a woman’s circle and would like me to visit, deliver my menstrual cycle workshop/eco-activism presentation


If you would like to support my journey by hosting me for a night


Meet me for a coffee and a chat!

Please contact me on, or leave a comment below! I can’t wait to meet you – Let’s connect soon!

PS – For a fuller juicier version of my vision please click here Xx

woman black


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