workshop for the marvelously wise women of the valleys

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Saturday’s menstrual cycle workshop made me smile so much, inside and out, with its wonder women, beautiful food and peaceful vibe here at home.

It truly is my pleasure to talk about all things menstrual – to open up conversations, explore those difficult times of the cycle, to re-affirm why acknowledging and living with the cycle is healthy and supportive, to speak about the menstrual cycle with the respect it deserves, and to encourage intrigue into one of most important body processes.

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We are all different; our psyche, personality and circumstances all make us totally different in the way we experience the world. The cycle happens to all of us regardless; it meets us in whatever state we are in.

Menstruation work is mindfulness in action. Understanding the cycle helps us in our every day life whether it is planning what to do in alignment with the energy of the cycle or developing the skill to understand the spectrum of emotion we are experiencing.

I cannot wait for the Magical Menstrual Tour coming to a U.S city near you! April to July 2016! For more information email me on or keep a look out for more posts about my tour plans!!

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