A slice of India nestled between the mountains of Wales

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Make the switch, join the revolution, save the planet, choose health, buy a cloth pad and in doing so GIFT one to a girl in India!

Wonderful people over at Eco Femme your positive messages are shining out loud and clear from the beautiful Trigonos Retreat Centre Boutique – how happy I am to see your beautiful pad collection in there.

Quite possibly the most colourful display in a boutique that I have ever seen, I was over the moon that the ethically-minded owners of Trigonos saw the value of selling Eco Femme’s products as much as I did. Thank you Trigonos!


the bigger picture…

We have such potential to collectively stop plastic disposable pads going into the earth, prevent toxins seeping into our soft gentle bodies, make a stand for empowerment for women worldwide by opening up the cloth pad dialogue, help disadvantaged girls in rural India…. It just depends on collective action. We can make a change.

The kinds of women and men who attend retreats and workshops at Trigonos, prioritise self-development, self-exploration and open mindedness… I believe that’s all it takes!


I didn’t know about cloth pads until I was 32 but it is never too late to switch. In the last 5 years I have saved 960 pads from going into the earth and saved myself £190!! WOW!!

How about you?

As usual, I’d LOVE you to leave a comment – when did you make the switch? How many pads have you saved?

If you are in the USA I will be bringing all the cloth pad information with me when I start my Magical Menstrual Tour in April-July 2016…. Look out for my route on a post coming soon…!

Contact me if you are interested and I will speak to you and your woman’s group and deliver you my menstrual cycle workshop!

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