taking the menstrual movement on the road ~ my vision


About jane‘ speaks of my personal story, but let me introduce you to my vision of the first ever Magical Menstrual Tour!

The Plan in a tiny nutshell….
I’ve got the basics down; I’m going to travel to America in April 2016, and the first leg of the tour sees me travelling from N.Y going East to Chicago! The second leg of the tour in June 2016 takes me from L.A to Seattle (and maybe flying out to Hawaii for a while!) I will be visiting menstrual activists, red tents or woman’s circles along the way, giving my menstrual cycle awareness workshop/eco-activism presentation in exchange for donations which will help me continue my journey. The rest depends on you, dear ones; and whereabouts you are based! I love travelling and am an experienced backpacker, so I don’t mind not having all the answers at this stage. One thing I do have is enormous faith that it will work out for the best; that I will meet incredible people, and that my travel route will spread and grow organically as soon as I get on the road, and word of mouth spreads the message…!

My Story
Why go on a menstrual tour?! Well I believe we are not taught how our cycle works, I mean really works. Yes the biology bit is taught to us at school, or maybe by our parents, but as for the emotional side of the cycle? Menstrual Cycle Awareness? Embracing the whole of the self no matter whether we are on a ‘so-called high point’ or a ‘so-called low point’?!! It’s NOT! And how about the other people in our lives? What messages are they taught about the menstrual cycle? What about the message that normal natural menstruation is somehow negative?

A while back, I participated in ‘The Way of the Menstrual Cycle’ – an epic apprenticeship training course by Alexandra Pope, teacher of 30 years experience who has, in her own words “pioneered a ground–breaking approach to women’s physical, psychological and spiritual well-being based on the cycle and the journey from menarche to menopause.”

I believe this ‘new’ approach to viewing and talking about the cycle should be common knowledge to all people!

Being the founder and a facilitator of Red Tent Gwynedd, Wales, UK, I truly understand the power and potential of these kinds of circles to help transform both the person and their relationship with the world around them.

I see these kinds of groups as being the perfect environment for the Menstrual Cycle Awareness workshop I would like to share. Knowing how incredible the women are back in Wales, I just can’t wait to meet new people on the ‘other side of the pond’ who are all into eco-activism menstrual empowerment and community – the same thing as I’m into!


My Quest
I decided to start my own personal journey into delivering menstrual cycle workshops and have loved the experience running them in my home towns – the wise women of the valleys; one with Alexandra Pope and the Doulas!

Menstrual cycle awareness workshops start with a demonstration of the energy dynamics of the cycle, then a question and answer session, a guided meditation, a discussion, and an exercise for people to pin-point their next steps to live in more harmony with their menstrual cycle…. who knows, maybe even identify life/lifestyle changes!

The menstrual cycle awareness workshops for men are about explaining how the cycle works conceptually, giving men a deeper understanding of the cyclic process. There will be a question and answer session/discussion, the ultimate aim of which will be to strengthen the relationship men have with the women in their lives.

The ultimate goal in all this is to empower everyone in their understanding of this monthly process, for couples to have happier times together, for there to be happier families and positive social change.

I will soon be contacting co-ordinators of Red Tent groups and women’s circles in USA and Canada. So if you are reading because you have received an email from me, then a huge and happy WELCOME to WWW and thanks so much for checking this out.

If you would like me to add your town to my travel itinerary, please email me details of roughly where you are! If you would like some more information about this project to distribute round your woman’s group please send them the link to woman’s wheel and also click here for my bio and flyers.

To leave a comment about this vision, the plan, or anything in this article, please do so beneath this post, email me on womanswheel@gmail.com or contact me!

I so look forward to hearing from you.


I hope to meet you soon! Xx

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